Acute low back pain should initially be treated with ice and rest. 9 out of 10 times peolple put heat on injuries which will inflame the condition and cause more tissue damage. Chiropractic treatment would consist of lumbar region examination, range of motion, muscluar, neurologic, and skeletal. After the exam we can determine the extent of the injury to the spine and plan for your treatment. There is a wide variety of treatment we can deliver the main one is the chiropractic adjustment. This is the procedure used by adjusting (moving the vertebra) to increase motion in the spine , and to help decrease pressure on the nerve at that level. After a few adjustments the inflamation decreases muscle spasm decrease and pain level usually subsides. Than the choice is made to rehab with exercises and stretches, and the recovery is achieved. Now at this piont the patient has to be informed about what caused the problem and how additional care helps keep the spine from wearing down on a everyday basis
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